New R&D Warehouse

We opened a matrix and adhesive formulating laboratory in Henderson, NV in Fall of 2016.  This facility will help us to continue to drive forward innovation and flexibility in the advanced composites market.

Customer / Sales Support

Axiom takes great pride in our customer support.  Our customers know our customer service team by name and that will remain unchanged.  Please come see the most responsive sales support team in the industry this September at 2017 CAMX.


Axiom has completed an aggressive expansion of its Santa Ana facility to offer much needed warehouse capacity. The expansion has more than doubled our warehouse space and enables improved product flow and controls through our facility.

2016 CAMX – Sept. 27-29 at the Anaheim Convention Center

Axiom Materials, Inc. is thrilled to announce that in a few short months, we will be exhibiting at the 2016 CAMX expo in the Anaheim Convention Center from September 27 -29.  Our team of expertly trained and knowledgeable staff will be waiting at booth R64 to develop custom solutions for your project’s needs and specifications.  Below is your complementary hall pass for the Expo.  See you there!


CAMX 2016 – Complementary Hall Pass


SAMPE 2016 in Long Beach from May 24-25

Axiom Materials will be exhibiting at SAMPE 2016 in Long Beach from May 24-25.  We are very excited to meet you at our booth N62 where our expert staff will provide you with information on our prepreg, data sheets, and more.  Our unmatched service and quality composite materials are waiting for you!  Below is your complementary hall pass for the Expo next week.  See you there!


SAMPE 2016 – Complementary Hall Pass


Laboratory & Warehouse Expansions – Update

Warehouse:  Axiom is pleased to announce that it will be breaking ground on its warehouse expansion in March 2016.  All associated permits have been issued for the construction, which is expected to take 3-4 months to complete.  Occupation is expected to commence in July 2016. 


Laboratory:  Expansion projects on the QC and R&D laboratories are complete and the facilities are operational.  Additional technical staff have been added to the team to support enhanced quality and developmental needs

CAMX – Dallas, Texas from October 26 to October 29

We are excited to announce we will be exhibiting at the CAMX expo from October 26 to October 29.  Drop by booth F64 where our knowledgeable staff can help you get your hands on our prepreg, data sheets, and much more.  Our unmatched service and quality composite materials will be waiting for you!Complimentary Hall Pass CAMX 2015

Laboratory & Warehouse Expansions

Laboratory & Warehouse Expansions

Axiom Materials, Inc. announces plans to expand laboratory & warehouse spaces at the main plant in Santa Ana, CA.  Enhanced facilities will support the Company’s growth in response to high demand for continued speed & flexibility in advanced composites materials supply, as well as offer improved workflow & environments for the additional testing requirements of our customers.  While both projects are in early stages, estimated completion is currently February 2016.   Capacity planning efforts on both sides ensure that the Company can successfully respond to the steady incline we are experiencing in both our customer base and in the overall volume of orders received.

The newly redesigned laboratory, located in our 2322 building, will nearly double the size of our existing laboratory.  The upgraded lab will be outfitted with enhanced testing capabilities, improved technical controls, and additional storage, computing, meeting, and R&D spaces.  The new laboratory has been designed not only to provide improved work-flow and efficiency, but also with enhanced mechanical and analytical testing capabilities coupled with improved temperature and humidity control systems. 


Expanding our adjacent warehouse space at 2320 will allow the Company to respond more quickly to our customers by enabling greater inventory of raw materials on site.  The additional space for dry goods storage will allow the Company to outfit existing spaces for additional tooling, machinery, refrigeration, and shipping & receiving support.  Opening new warehouse space will more than double our dedicated inventory footprint, in turn reducing burden on our suppliers and purchasing team, and enhancing the speed and flexibility with which we can respond to customers demands.

Plant Expansion Announcement

Axiom Materials, Inc. is pleased to announce the expansion of its production plant in Santa Ana, CA. The planned expansion includes the addition of two machine models, storage and inventory expansions, as well as a special process facility and upgraded office and meeting spaces. The equipment and spaces will be purpose-built for customers and projects requiring specific composite and adhesive products.

Strategic Decision

The decision to build the upgraded plant will increase production capacities for the company’s existing successful composite and adhesive portfolio. In addition, the new plant expansion is a clear statement of the trust in the highly qualified staff of the company, and in their growth potential. Further development of the California location will support Axiom’s agenda to remain flexible and competitive in the market. The investment also reflects the market success of the special product lines and services that Axiom offers.

Installation Plans

The final countdown is on for completion of the upgraded production area and new machinery. Technical installation and equipment drawings are currently underway and on schedule. Final implementation are expected to be complete by the end of Spring 2014.


Axiom Develops Innegra™-reinforced Prepreg Systems

Innegra and Carbon Prepreg

Axiom Materials produces Innegra™
polypropylene-based fiber and carbon prepreg

Axiom Materials Inc. has partnered with Innegra Technologies, LLC to deliver an innovative new line of toughened composite prepregs to the advanced composites market. Using Innegra-S, a tough, polypropylene-based fiber reinforcement, Axiom developed woven and unidirectional prepregs based on its AX-201M resin system. Innegra Technologies has conducted a myriad of technical analysis on the mechanical and impact properties of both laminar and sandwich constructions using fiberglass, woven carbon, and unidirectional laminates, and Textreme™ hybrid laminates. The data demonstrate unique properties that make these materials ideal for low weight and damage-tolerant applications. The prepregs may also be used for low RF-signature structures due to their low dielectric properties. Innegra-based and carbon-Innegra hybrid prepregs are especially suited for applications such as performance and racing vehicles, sailboats, antenna housings, and other situations where aramid composites would traditionally be used.

For more details contact  John Adamo, Vice President of Sales, Axiom Materials, Inc., or Jennifer Medlock, Sales & Marketing, Innegra Technologies, LLC.

John Adamo
Vice President of Sales
Axiom Materials, Inc.
2322 Pullman Street
Santa Ana, CA 92705

(714) 608-1475 cell
(949) 623-4400 main office
Jennifer Medlock
Sales & Marketing
Innegra Technologies, LLC

270 Feaster Road
Greenville, SC 29615

864-631-2800 office
864-631-2802 fax

Axiom's Innegra™ prepreg

Axiom’s Innegra™ unidirectional prepreg