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A variety of primers, adhesives, panel fillers and sealing resins are available.

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ProductDescriptionApplicationsFormMatrix colorNominal cure temp,℉ (℃)Max. Dry Operating Temp, ℉ (℃)Comments
AX-1000Corrosion Inhibiting PrimerGeneral purpose corrosion inhibition for metal / metal bondingSprayable primerYellow250°F (121°C) for bake300°F (149°C)Compatible with most 250°F (121°C) film adhesives
AX-1001High Temperature Corrosion Inhibiting PrimerGeneral purpose corrosion inhibition for high temperature metal / metal bondingSprayable primerRed350°F (177°C) for bake360°F (182°C)Compatible with most 350℉ (177℃) film adhesives
AX-1010 Structural Epoxy Paste AdhesiveGeneral purpose bonding of metallic or composite components2-component
paste adhesive
Off-whiteRoom Temp.160°F (71°C)Meets FAR 25.853
AX-1014General Purpose, Two Component Epoxy Paste AdhesiveGeneral purpose bonding of masonry, concrete, composites, and metals2-component paste compoundAmberRoom Temp.160°F (71°C)Low viscosity. Designed for masonry-composite bonding
AX-1033FRLow Density, Flame Retardant Epoxy Core Edge CloseoutCore edge filling of honeycomb structures2-component,
low density dough
WhiteRoom Temp.180°F (82°C)Designed for weight-sensitive applications
AX-1230FRFlame Retardant, Modified Polyester Resin SolutionWet-layup resin or for sealing voids of finished composites1-component resinClear to Off-white275°F (135°C)300°F (149°C)Styrene-free
AX-1300Phenolic Sealing ResinSealing and finishing of phenolic composites1-component resinAmber or Black300°F (149°C)500°F (260°C)Can be dyed black
AX-1611Polyimide Sealing Resin, MDA-FreeSealing and finishing of polyimide composites1-component resinAmber or Black350°F (177°C)640°F (338°C)Can be dyed black

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Ceramic Matrix Composites

CMC prepregs are used for parts requiring thermal performance up to 2200°F

Prepreg material

Axiom Materials specially formulated resin systems include epoxy, phenolic, polyester, cyanate ester, vinyl ester and polyimide.

Film Adhesives

Metal and composite bonding adhesives, surfacing and lightning strike films, and other bonding solutions.

Ancillary Products

A variety of primers, adhesives, panel fillers and sealing resins are available.

Research and

We specialize in custom solutions for our customers; working closely with you to develop the correct solutions for each project’s needs and specifications.

In addition to conventional resin systems, we provide cutting-edge custom resin formulations to meet your specific performance requirements.

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NIAR Testing of Axiom Materials’ Oxide Oxide CMC Prepreg

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