Axiom Materials is dedicated to providing excellence in the quality of our materials, products and service while conforming to our customer’s unique specifications and requirements.

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QMS Certifications

Axiom Materials is dedicated to providing excellence in the quality of our materials, products and service while conforming to our customer’s unique specifications and requirements. We are both AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Our Quality Management System (QMS) is approved and certified to the current specification revisions through DEKRA Certification, Inc., an ANAB accredited registrar. Our Quality Policy: We promote a safe, open, and positive work environment for employees and friendly, value-added relationships with our customers and suppliers. Management is committed to exceeding quality objectives with continuous improvement, communication, and fully satisfying our customers’ needs.

AS9100D is the most up-to-date standard set forth by the International Aerospace Quality Group (IAQG). In the global aerospace market, suppliers must rise to the challenge of meeting or exceeding regulatory and statutory requirements in producing safe, reliable products.

Laboratory Testing Capabilities

Contact us to learn more about our extensive curing options, physical and mechanical testing, and analytical testing services. Below is only a snapshot of our capabilities.
Physical Testing
  1. Prepreg resin content (various methods)
  2. Prepreg gel time
  3. Prepreg volatile content
  4. Prepreg resin flow
  5. Laminate thickness / hardness
  6. Laminate density
  7. Laminate void content
  8. Laminate porosity
  9. Laminate Resin Content
  10. Laminate Porosity
  11. Laminate or Adhesive Moisture Absorption
  12. Adhesive Expansion
Composite Curing & Conditioning
  1. Platen Presses (5) up to 24”x24”
  2. Vacuum bag oven 3’x3’x2’
  3. Sintering Furnaces (4)
  4. Humidity Chamber
  5. Lab Autoclave, curing up to 400°F / 250 PSI (coming soon)
Technical Capabilities
  1. Flammability
  2. Viscometry
  3. RDS / Dynamic viscosity
  4. DSC / Calorimetry
  5. FTIR / Chemical Analysis
  6. Moisture Content
  7. Extraction / Filtration
  8. Muffle Furnaces
Mechanical Testing High temp (up to 600°F) / low temp (-67°F)
  1. ASTM D3039 & D638 – Tensile strength, modulus & poisson’s ratio
  2. ASTM D1002 – Single Overlap Shear Strength
  3. ASTM C297 – Flatwise tensile strength
  4. ASTM D695 & D6641, SACMA SRM1 – Compression strength & modulus
  5. ASTM D6484 – Open hole compression
  6. ASTM D790 – Flexural strength & modulus
  7. ASTM D3518 – In plane shear strength & modulus
  8. ASTM D2344 – Interlaminar shear (short beam shear) strength
  9. ASTM D1876 – T-peel
  10. ASTM D3167 – Floating roller peel
  11. ASTM C273 – Sandwich Shear Strength
  12. ASTM C393 – Sandwich Beam Flexure
  13. ASTM D953 – Bearing strength
  14. ASTM D1781 – Climbing Drum Peel
  15. ASTM D3762 – Wedge Test
  16. ASTM D3528 – Double Lap Shear Strength
  17. ASTM D3846 – In-Plane (Double-Notch Shear) Shear Strength
  18. ASTM D6272 – Flexural Strength by Four-Point Bending
  19. ASTM E990 – Tube Shear Strength
  20. ASTM D952 – Bond Strength of Sheet Plastics

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What we do

Axiom Materials, Inc., is a progressive composite materials manufacturer founded with the intention of combining a quality prepreg, adhesive, and ancillary composite products platform with customer-focused service and forward-thinking design.

Our reputation for agility and flexibility sets us apart in our industry. We work closely with clients across the globe in aerospace, military, automotive, industrial, sports and medical industries to create exceptional, next-generation solutions.

Axiom Materials, Inc. is AS9100D and ISO90012015 certified.

Kordsa acquired Axiom Materials, Inc in 2019. For more about Kordsa..


Matrix coated composites that service advanced material applications.


Specialty bonding solutions and an innovative approach to meeting customer needs through creative chemistry.

News & events

Axiom to expand its CMC product portfolio with C/SiC and SiC/SiC composite

Axiom, a specialist in the development and supply of oxide/oxide CMC prepregs for aerospace and industrial applications, is to develop a line of carbon/SiC and SiC/SiC composite intermediates under license from JST (Japan Science and Technology ...


CAMX 2019

Visit our Booth at the Anaheim Convention Center (Anaheim, CA) for the CAMX EXP. (Conference: September 23-26, 2019; Exhibition: September 24-26, 2019)

For more info: https://www.thecamx.org/

Axiom Materials attends NSMMS


We will be attending the NSMMS & CRASTE 2019 Joint Symposium at Green Valley Ranch in Henderson, NV. (June 24-27, 2019)

For more info:

Sampe 2019

Visit our Booth at the Charlotte Convention Center for the Sampe Conference & Exhibition (Conference: May 20-23, 2019; Exhibition: May 21-22, 2019)

For more info: https://www.sampeamerica.org/

Ceramics Expo 2019

Visit our Booth at the IX Center (Cleveland, Ohio) for the Ceramics Expo. (Conference and Exhibition: April 30-May 1, 2019)

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NIAR Testing of Axiom Materials’ Oxide Oxide CMC Prepreg

Axiom Materials is pleased to announce a cooperative program with Wichita State University’s National Institute of Aviation Research (NIAR) for the development of test techniques and data on our Oxide-Oxide ceramic matrix composite (CMC) prepreg ...